måndag 8 januari 2018

Education/ Utbildning/ Waxbarasho

Denna artikel hämtade jag från nätet. Översättningen på den svenska delen gjorde jag på Google translate.  På den somaliska delen översatte jag den, om du hittar fel kontakta gärna till mig på den här E-mail adressen moabdull11@gmail.com 
Education can transform lives, but today millions of young people grow up without acquiring basic reading, writing or math skills. This is not only a wasted opportunity, but a great injustice to the children who most need a good education to succeed in life. Fixing this problem will be possible when learning for all becomes a priority for every country.  For example, Liberia, Papua New Guinea and Tonga improved early grade reading substantially in a very short time. Between 2009 and 2015, Peru achieved some of the fastest growth in learning outcomes due to concerted policy action.  We hope to see many similar success stories. The 2018 World Development Report on education lays out the concrete steps that can help solve our learning crisis. http://wrld.bg/U1Yi30fk7aP

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